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About us

America Drives Right, A non-profit organization that was created to serve the road users, improve, educate, teach and help to make the driving experience safer, much more pleasant and in accordance with traffic laws for the benefit of all those on the road.

The road to safety


Respect the law

Familiarize yourself with all driving laws and follow them carefully.


Mind other drivers

Respect the other drivers and they will respect you.


be an eye witness

Share your photos and videos, documenting unlawful drivers.

First hand Eye Witness Stories

Mark G.

Hallandale Beach, FL

“Yesterday a truck passed by me and turned into my lane so close, I had to use an emergency break, which led the person behind me (who didn’t keep his distance) to rear-end me. I hate rude drivers.”

Elly Brett

Miami Beach, FL

“I would like to complain about the parking situation down at Miami Beach, FL. The rules of parking is rapidly changing on a regular basis.”

Jenna Ballard

Hollywood, FL

“I would like to praise the City of Hollywood and Broward County for upgrading Hollywood Blvd. east of I95.”

Share your story

Your Testimony matters

Share it with others, to make it public. You don’t have to disclose your personal information (unless you choose to). Please don’t use personal details of other drivers, to protect their identity.

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